Search, Social and Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Search Marketing

“Is your site visible in the search engine results?” No Visibility = No Visits!

Search Marketing helps your site appear higher in the search results, when clients are looking for what you offer, generating more traffic to your site and more potential business.

Search Optimisation provides the ‘signals’ to search engines helping them understand what your site is about so that they can present them to customers who might be interested.

Search Marketing gets your products, messages and services seen by customers right when they are ready to take action.

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Content Marketing

“Your prospects are searching for advice – can you help?” Like customers 'browsing' without buying!

Today’s web browsers are searching for answers, advice, reviews and ideas, before they decide where to spend their money. They are ‘Researching’ before they make the decision.

Creating great content, articles, blogs, videos, images, based on what they are searching for, helps them find a solution and leads to your online marketing success.

‘Great’ content connects you with your prospects and shows them why you are the solution to their needs. Content is your key to online success.

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Social Marketing

“Are you using the web fully to build your brand?” Social Signals = Builds Brand Awareness!

Having a great website is the starting point but it’s not the only way to reach your online audience. Are you using every opportunity to capture the attention of your clients?

Social networks are the online voice of your customers, chatting, telling each other what they’ve found and sharing. Use social sites to build brand awareness.

Develop a realistic strategy that integrates into your everyday business to fully harness the amazing power of the crowd… your customers!

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